Easy, social bicycle rides around Seattle lasting 45 minutes to an hour, with time for stopping to take photos and chat.

Our aim is to get more Seattle women biking and we encourage both new and experienced riders to come along. We don’t want to create any barriers to your getting out there so if you need to bring kids or friend who does not qualify as a “lass” along, please do so! We ask that children be bike-ily attached to parent or guardian (trailer, bike seat, trail-a-bike, tandem bike, you get the drift…).

Critical Lass rides are Cascade Bicycle Club Free Group Rides and all participants are required to wear a bicycle helmet and sign a waiver.

For riding separately with kids, please see Kidical Mass, here on Totcycle and here on Family Bike Seattle. And Facebookers can join the Seattle Family Biking Facebook group.

Other fun easy-paced rides can be found with Spokespeople and S.L.O.W. Rides.

Other local women bike groups/rides are: Heels on Wheels, Menstrual Monday, and
RAW Retreats.

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