October 8, 2016
10:00 a.m. depart
MiiR Flagship
(3400 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA)
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Did you know there are three bike counters with displays in Seattle? October is Pronto Women’s Bike Month so what better time to show we count than ride by the counters?

And we’ll also hit a spot for Java Joy Rides: Coffee + Bikes and coffeeneuring for those participating (details below).

Meet at the Miir Flagship in Fremont; organizers will be inside sipping coffee starting at 9:30 a.m. if you want to mingle and caffeinate. There’s plenty of bike parking outside on Stone Way and lots of room inside.

We’ll ride through the three bike counters with displays (and stop for pictures even if it’s raining): north side of the Fremont Bridge, near the bottom of 2nd Avenue protected bike lane downtown, and on the east side of the West Seattle swing bridge.

Here’s the 10-mile route there. This route has us ending at Marination Ma Kai, but if the weather is great and everyone wants to bike the two miles to Alki for additional food options, we can do so. We’ll hang for about an hour before we head back.

As we’ll have noticed on the way down, East Marginal Way South really isn’t bad on weekends when there’s no freight traffic, however, we’ll skip it on the way back and catch the West Seattle Water Taxi–$5.25 cash or ticket, $4.50 with ORCA card. The water taxi only runs on weekends through October so this is too good a chance to pass up!

We also want to avoid traversing downtown on the way back–the protected bike lanes on 2nd Ave are nice, but after that…not so much. So here’s our 5.5-mile route back. Riding along the Elliott Bay Trail will be particularly nice because we can look across the water to see where we came from (provided it’s not too grey out, of course). And we’ll take the flat-enough way up from the waterfront through the Seattle Center (and go right by La Marzocco Cafe if anyone is super serious about #JavaJoyRides and needs to hit two places in one day).

The Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge runs October 7th through November 20th and is about taking seven separate two-mile-mininum bike rides to seven different coffee places. There are lots of fun and finicky rules so click the link.

Java Joy Rides: Coffee + Bikes runs the whole month of October, hosted by Public Bikes + Gear Seattle. Get your punch card at Public or any of the nine participating cafes.

About Critical Lass
Our aim is to get more Seattle women biking and we encourage both new and experienced riders to come along. We don’t want to create any barriers to your getting out there so if you need to bring kids or friend who does not qualify as a “lass” along, please do so! We ask that children be bike-ily attached to parent or guardian (trailer, bike seat, trail-a-bike, tandem bike, you get the drift…). Read more about Critical Lass.

This ride is a Cascade Bicycle Club Free Group Ride and all participants are required to wear a bicycle helmet and sign a waiver.