See all our photos in the Critical Lass Cycles Through the Seasons Flickr album and see our 14-mile loop route on Ride with GPS.


I may have forgotten our all-four-seasons theme described in the upcoming ride post, but we twelve participants had a marvelous ride and enjoyed a lot of Seattle’s bike infrastructure, some of it brand new!!!

  • Burke-Gilman Trail, multi-use trail in the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame
  • Separated bike lanes on N 34th Street (new!)
  • Bike counter on the Fremont Bridge
  • Left over markings from Park(ing) Day Plus on Florentia Street
  • Ship Canal Trail, multi-use trail
  • Westlake Bikeway (new!)
  • Dexter Ave N separated bike lane
  • Mercer Street/5th Ave N separated bike lanes
  • West Thomas Street Overpass
  • Elliott Bay Trail, multi-use trail
  • NW 58th Street Ballard Neighborhood Greenway
  • Bike counter on Ballard Neighborhood Greenway
  • All-way stop sign for NW 46th St at 14th Ave NW of the Missing Link (new!)
  • Missing Link bike lanes on NW 45th St

Of particular note was the newly-completed Westlake Bikeway. It’s such a nice way to get south after crossing the Fremont Bridge. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect to anything yet (like most of our bike facilities) and it’s been sabotaged with tacks…but it’s great! Only one of our 12 riders picked up a tack and went flat several miles later.


I rode the bikeway the night before, looking for tacks and seeing none…and brought a dustpan along in case I spotted any this day. But now I think I’ll avoid it and not bring group rides here until I hear things are all cleaned up. Now if you get a flat, file a report online with the Community Online Reporting Program (CORP) tool.

To avoid the worst part of the Missing Link we took just two bad blocks of NW 54th St/NW Market St (safety in numbers!) and then climbed up to the Ballard Greenway…although we started one block south of the Greenway because it’s easier to cross 24th Ave NW with the stop light on 57th than with the push-button pedestrian flashers (called an RRFB for Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon) on 58th.

We left the greenway at 14th Ave NW because that’s a good spot to reenter the Missing Link and I was quite pleased to discover a new four-way stop that made it much easier to cross the street at NW 46th St, by Trader Joes.


Not bike related, but none of us had seen jumping salmon at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks before now. One of the locks workers stopped by and told us those were the “smart” salmon who cruised through the locks with boats rather than struggle their way up the fish ladder. They were just hanging out acclimating to the fresh water before continuing upstream. They don’t generally jump, but he said there was a seal in there, too, and it may have been related to that. Sea lions are much more of a threat, though.