The Bikery Bash was a blast!

See photos from the Bikery Bash Photo Booth on their Facebook page.

Our route to the the event via Capitol Hill was great, but probably wouldn’t have worked as nicely in the opposite direction. Taking the lane on Boren and Rainier as a group of five (and even alone) worked fine in the downhill direction, but it wouldn’t have been so pleasant heading back up. While it’s legal to take to the sidewalk in Seattle, much of the east sidewalk of Boren was missing.

So heading back, some of us followed a knowledgeable group back to North Seattle using this flattish route through downtown. We’ll have to try it in the reverse direction to see how it feels for reaching The Bikery. Parts utilizing one-way streets will have to change, such as the very cool bus cut-through between Washington and Yesler.

Please read more about The Bikery and if you’re so moved, support their Indiegogo campaign: Building a Better Bikery.