We dozen lasses (which included three kids) enjoyed a beautifully sunny day. It was quite warm, too, so gelato on either end was especially nice. We started at Caffe Umbria in Pioneer Square and took the scenic route along the waterfront (see map at the bottom of this post for route info) to Sirena Gelato in Fremont. Sirena Gelato is part of the Bicycle Benefits program so those of us with $5 Bicycle Benefits stickers on our helmets were rewarded with discounts!

See the full photoset and bicycle portraits here.

We stopped in the Myrtle Edwards Park rose garden for our group shot and bicycle portraits, and admired the Fremont Bridge’s in-progress paint job–you can see a little of the darker blue on the tower we’re riding towards.






Here’s our 7.5-mile route from Pioneer Square to Fremont via the waterfront: