After February’s very rainy Bikes + Chocolate + Drinks ride (but what a cold/wet bonding experience!), we promised clear skies for our March 2nd ride to Seattle Bike Expo. Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and we apologize for having lied.

We gathered at South Lake Union Park at 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning–all three of us! The weather and early hour made for the small turnout, but we wanted to arrive to Bike Expo in time for the panel discussion, Cycling Wisdom by Women, for Women.

Lake Union Park ride start

Our ride had planned to use the new temporary Mercer walk/bike path under Aurora, but the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K Run was taking place (and was nearly done, it appeared) so the street was closed to cars and we were free to take the lane. On a regular day, the rightmost section in the picture below is a wide pedestrian/bicycle way. It’s most comfortable to use in the westerly direction, flowing with the near car lane and it contains several metal plates and wooden planks, creating lips that could cause pinch flats to underinflated tires.

Taking Mercer under Aurora

Our route map has a bypass up Roy Street in case 5th Avenue felt too congested with cars:

But 5th was closed to cars, too! So we took the direct route, alongside the last of the Hot Chocolate walkers.

Taking 5th Ave by Seattle Center, no cars!

The Seattle Center wasn’t too packed with the run aftermath, but our Roy Street bypass could be useful when navigating through bigger crowds.

Cutting through the Seattle Center

We swung by the International Fountain–in nicer weather we’d take an extra lap around and stop for pictures here–and finished cutting through the Seattle Center.

Cruising past the International Fountain

The West Thomas Street Overpass pedestrian and bike bridge took us down to the scenic Elliott Bay Trail, lovely even in heavy rain. We stopped here, by the Elliott Bay fishing pier to add layers to our littlest rider.

Warm-up stop on the Elliott Bay Trail

And shortly thereafter we were at Bike Expo! Great panel, great exhibitors, exciting products. Come with us next year–we promise it won’t rain.