Brake pads are red
Rain drops are blue
No matter the weather
We want to ride with you!

That poem tweeted and Facebooked this morning proved all too true as the rain began shortly before noon and never let up. We’re so impressed with the eight riders who came and happily rode today:

Critical Lass February 15, 2014

Even with grey skies the ride was scenic, but photos from Wednesday’s route testing showcase it a bit better.

We met inside Theo Chocolate at noon to enjoy free samples and purchase more for later, then followed this route in the counterclockwise direction:

We hit a variety of trails and streets:

  • starting with the Burke-Gilman Trail
  • and then part of the new two-way bikeway on The Missing Link,
  • using busy 14th Avenue NW and its stop lights to work our way north
  • to the Ballard Greenway (here’s the data for the new bike counter we passed–use the green Visualize button to better see it),
  • and then bombing down 32nd Avenue NW to return to the Burke-Gilman Trail at the locks.
  • We walked through the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks
  • and took our rain-drenched bicycle portraits just outside the south gates.
  • West Commodore Way wasn’t too busy this day
  • and the bike trail and rest of Fishermen’s Terminal were great. We chose the ship Vampy for our group shot above.
  • Then a long stretch of the Ship Canal Trail
  • took us to a block along Nickerson’s sidewalk
  • to the Fremont Bridge and bike counter.
  • And then a few quiet street blocks took us to Brouwer’s Cafe.


Check out all the pictures here.

We’ll ride again to Seattle Bike Expo on Sunday, March 2nd (disregard previous mentions of a Saturday Bike Expo ride). Details coming soon!