Saturday morning’s unexpected fog burned off just in time to reveal unbelievably blue skies for our Critical Lass/Spokespeople ride to Bike Expo.

11 riders met outside Hub and Bespoke for a pleasant five-mile ride to the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91.

Critical Lass meets up at Hub and Bespoke

We made our way through Fremont via the contraflow bike lane by PCC:

Critical Lass riding through Fremont

over the Fremont Bridge, and onto the Ship Canal Trail where the real fun began. Here we are weaving our way through the S-curve over the train tracks:

Critical Lass on the Ship Canal Trail

To avoid the two busy, uphill blocks of Emerson at the end of the Ship Canal Trail, we turned right on 16th Avenue West to enter Fishermen’s Terminal. West Thurman Street took us west along the water and we paused for a group shot by the Polar Lady:

Critical Lass in Fishermen's Terminal

It doesn’t show on the Google map, but the BIKE TRAIL skirts the west edge of terminal (just east of 21st Ave W).

Fishermen's Terminal bike trail

There are a couple pesky bigger-than-necessary cement blocks to keep motor vehicles off the bike trail, but we got around them without incident. I think a bike trailer could fit around, too, but there were none along today.

Cement block in the Fishermen's Terminal bike trail

Thanks to Spokespeople for organizing this lovely ride. Here’s our full ride, more or less:

Critical Lass Seattle will celebrate our first anniversary with a CycloFemme ride on May 12th and perhaps we’ll sneak in an April ride, too! More details about future rides forthcoming.