My nighttime (well, 4:30pm) photos didn’t come out so great, but trust me–there were some awesomely decked out bikes in attendance. We had about two dozen participants, ten of whom were children.

Gathering at Loyal Heights Community Center

Squint at the Flickr set of photos.

Arianne took a great little video that shows things much better:

Kevin of Bike Dreams wrote a recap of our Family Holiday Light Ride and shared his GPS recording of the ride so I could create a map:

Point C on the map is this Flying Spaghetti Monster:

Flying Spaghetti Monster in Olympic Manor

I thought that was pretty neat in the sea of Christmas decorations. (Though the monster was sporting a Santa hat).

We used 23rd Ave NW to head north to Olympic Manor, one of the most festively decorated neighborhoods in Seattle. Almost every house on our big loop through the community had holiday lights and inflatables, some even with music.

We closed out the evening at Grumpy D’s Coffee House, where the kids hit the toy corner and the adults relaxed with peppermint hot chocolates.

We’ll ride again on Sunday, December 16th, this time to Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna. It’s a Critical Lass and friends ride so everyone is welcome! Details here.